We give you time

The innovation. Your personal RotaCard™.

  • More time for your patients
  • More savings when shopping for rotary instruments
  • More praise from the boss for your flawless orders

Save in just 3 steps and win:

  1. Simply send us your most frequently used instruments. We will prepare a detailed order form (product name, grain, diameter, colour ring, etc.) so any staff member with purchasing authority can simply compare the old drill with the drill map or drill bag to see which items should be ordered – saving time and eliminating errors.

  2. Based on your instruments and their exact product designations, we can compile a free price comparison, based for example on your most recent invoice from your current supplier, so you can readily identify your potential savings.

  3. Simply enter the required quantity on your custom order fax form and send it to our Freephone fax number. Fast and easy. And if the range of products you use expands, so will your RotaCard™. We can create an updated version for you at any time an update – of course free of charge.

Interested in taking a look at a sample RotaCard™ to get a feel of its benefits?