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Welcome to Frank Dental

That our family manufactory is located at Lake Tegernsee is not a coincidence. We draw our inspiration from traditional local craftsmen – such as hatters, distillers, confectioners, artist blacksmiths or carpenters – who with their meticulous attention to detail have set and are setting new standards day after day, year after year. We look forward to speaking with you as a proud representative of your craft, regardless of whether you work in a dental office, a dental lab or a clinic or whether you are still in training. We promise always to respond quickly to your every need and desire.

We especially like having fun at work, so we love it if you take a few minutes of your time to talk to us over the phone before, during or after shopping on our website.

This is how you can get in contact with us:


Frank Dental GmbH
Tölzer Str. 4
83703 Gmund, Germany

Business Hours

Monday–Thursday: 08:00–18:00
Friday: 08:00–13:00
Sat., Sun. and Bankholidays: Closed